De Eglantier Voorhof is een Integraal Kindcentrum
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Schools differ increasingly, in approaches, in atmosphere and in what children learn. This school guide aims to give an impression of what our school has to offer children and their parents.
We are proud of our school and we want to try to show you the reason of our pride in this guide.
You may read how we give shape to the education at our school and why we have chosen to do it this way.

Every year, all parents with children at our school receive an additional calendar for the school year. In this calendar we will give you information about the school and dates which are relevant for that particular year.

This school guide is written by the Executive Board and adopted by the competent authority of the school.

We hope you enjoy reading our school guide. If you have questions, suggestions for improvement, or need further information after reading this school guide, we would like to hear from you. You may contact one of the managers.


On behalf of the team,

Yvonne den Haan (location manager Voorhof)